TD SYNNEX has two elements; one is, we have a great deal of experience as an IT distributor in Japan for more than 50 years and another is, we are the foreign affiliated IT distributor as a member of TD SYNNEX group that develop its business on world wide scale.

In addition to these elements, as a ‘Hybrid Distributor’ to provide high value-added services, we are technology and solution advisor and will aim to become a company that gives a new stimulation to the market.

Nowadays, IT environment has been changing so rapidly every day, we think it is the great market opportunity.

Not only we are doing the basic and existing function of the distributor, but we will provide services from business partners and end users by strengthening the e-commerce and digital marketing. In addition, we will provide the solutions that have been successful in overseas.

With a motto of ‘Disruption-creative innovation that brings to the IT turbulent age’, and as a company that challenges new things with a sense of speed, we will continue to provide services that meet the customers’ needs.

國持 重隆
Shigetaka Kunimochi
TD SYNNEX Corporation