Security Policy

Information security policy

TD SYNNEX Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “TD SYNNEX”), a total distributor of IT products such as hardware and software, establishes information property protection and information security policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”)that is a basic policy for safety measures for information security, to strengthen trustworthy relationships with our partners and customers.

  1. Maintain information security

    TD SYNNEX establishes an organizational structure and a system to maintain, operate and protect information asset, and define its roles, responsibilities and operation procedures, and implement them.

  2. Regulations for information security

    TD SYNNEX establishes information security guidelines and its operation procedures to implement the Policy and ensure that all the information asset users (board members, permanent employees, dispatched employees, contracted workers, part-timers, and outsourcers etc.) comply with those regulations.

  3. Evaluate and review information security

    SYNNEX, based on the regulations above, periodically evaluate information security measures and perform an internal audit to see our compliance status, and review them on a timely basis.

  4. Education of information security

    TD SYNNEX educates all the information asset users for the importance of information security to lessen intentional and accidental human error threat.

  5. Information security measures

    TD SYNNEX implement physical, technical and operational measures to protect our information asset from various threats.

  6. Scope of the Policy

    This policy shall be applied to all the information TD SYNNEX handles, and TD SYNNEX ensures that all the information asset users comply with the policy.

Established: July 1, 2008
Revised: August 1, 2011

TD SYNNEX Corporation
President Shigetaka Kunimochi